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The very first night I drank the water I fell in love with it! Smooth, clean, just like a mountain spring. There is no other water like it, for me itís a perfect 10! I donít drink any other water and always have it with me. Never will I be without this water!

Carl Wirz
Executive Chef
Carlsbad, CA.

 We researched water systems for over 2 years and were very excited to find this one. The taste of the water is amazing and so are the benefits! The extreme pureness, available ionic minerals, non-electric all natural, structured/hexagonal, with large amounts of available oxygen are unmatched at any price.

Within a couple of weeks using proven methods of evaluation, I personally, as well as our patients found that this water dramatically increased the levels of hydration.

No, I absolutely will never ever drink any other water and yes, oh yes, we researched it very well indeed and found that it is impossible to duplicate this water any place for any price. The cost of the system is very affordable in comparison to other systems offering much, much less. We cannot understand why everyone is not drinking this water!

Wendy Sellens - Licensed Acupuncturist LAC
Board Certified Thermologist (cancer)
Solana Beach, CA.

Thank you for making me feel so much better and my stomach thanks you too.

Rosario Lavin
Vancouver, B.C

I was hooked on the taste as soon as it touched my lips and fell in love with it. The very best tasting water Iíve ever had and I have no intention of using any other water. Since I would never drink tap water, the choice was either bottled water or your water Ė for me, a very simple choice! Thank you AlkaSense!

Sigrid Cottrell
Natural Food Expert
Poway, CA.

 I really believe the benefits of drinking this water were almost immediate as even my skin looked better within a few days. Also, my body felt more hydrated almost instantly. The taste is different to other water, and also the consistency, you could almost "rollĒ the water in your mouth...like a wine!  I never want to be without my water and take it wherever I go. The cost of bottled water is quite high, when you add up a monthly bill. The one element I am most happy about is not contributing to waste, disposable plastic (or even glass bottles) are not good for the environment. Plastic bottles canít be refilled more than once, and glass, well, such a waste to keep buying them to toss.

Carmen Ruiz Y Laza
Founding Partner, Karma Exchange
Vancouver, B.C.

As soon as it touched my lips it made me want drink more. The taste is purer than any water EVER! Any other water has an after taste and feels like itís not good for your body. For the cost of the system it is worth every cent for what it does for my body and how I feel. This water is AMAZING!

Gary Inouye
Heavy Equipment Consultant
Vista, CA.


 I noticed the difference right away.  Nothing compares to this water!  I find it excellent for rehydration and recommend my patients consume this water over any other.  Most of my patients are typically dehydrated and this is the most perfect water to rehydrate them.


Dr. David Melendez
Owner of Gold Coast Clinic
Cardiff, CA.

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